Our Vision

Transform lives. Inspire action.

Our Mission

Challenge people through transformative educational and retreat experiences to realize their attitudes and actions have a lasting impact on their lives, communities, and the environment.

NorthBay is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Values

What Drives What We Do?

As we strive to fulfill the NorthBay Mission and achieve our vision we operate under a number of values that guide our work. We cite these values as our core that ensures we maintain the proper priority and focus each and every day.




Our History

In 2002 the Maryland Board of Public Works approved a request from the Baltimore based Erickson Foundation to lease 97 of 2,200 acres within the Elk Neck State Park in Cecil County, Maryland. The product of a unique public/private partnership between the Erickson Foundation, the Maryland State Department of Education and the Department of Natural Resources, NorthBay opened its doors to students in 2005.

The Erickson Foundation was founded by John and Nancy Erickson and their children to provide a platform for their charitable work in the greater Baltimore area. John Erickson had long envisioned creating a camp experience for underserved children, challenging them to realize that their choices and attitude have a lasting impact on their future, the environment and the people around them.

The Maryland State Department of Education approved NorthBay curriculum was specifically designed for sixth grade students from a variety of demographics. The goal of the program is to provide a high energy, academically rigorous and engaging science curriculum that inspires students to take responsibility for their surroundings and decisions. NorthBay in turn connects student driven environmental studies with the most trying social challenges facing adolescents today, teaching them that education and personal growth are the keys to success.

The state-of-the-art NorthBay facility also serves as a retreat center for groups both large and small. From small corporate retreats and weddings to large youth retreats NorthBay’s location, facilities and staff combine to create the perfect setting for our guests.

From serving 4,400 students in its first year of operation NorthBay’s intensive five day/four night environmental education and character development program now serves over 10,000 public school students each year. Additional educational programs such as the Chesapeake Wilderness Institute and the NorthBay Extended (NEXT) program serve an additional 8,000 students while over 14,000 retreat guests stay at NorthBay each year.