What is Marine Debris and what does it have to do with me?

Marine debris is essentially garbage in water. Some marine debris comes from commercial fishing activities, but most of it comes from the litter we make on land. Everything we do on land has the potential to end up in the world’s ocean! And our trash, especially our plastic trash, negatively affects fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, sea turtles, whales and dolphins. It has an effect on these animals and more as it travels from our streets and yards in the watershed, through our neighborhood creeks and streams to our large rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and ultimately the ocean!

Here at NorthBay we believe that the solution to the marine debris problem is at the heart of our education program: Personal responsibility. We need to recognize that our actions have either positive or negative consequences and strive for improvement by making positive choices – regardless of the situation.

One of the ways that we have decided to take action on this issue is to work with students from all over the Mid-Atlantic region and spend time removing debris from the environment. We do this each week here at our NorthBay campus, but we challenge any and everyone to do this back home in your own environment!  plankton

Join our team in helping to make a difference in the environment!

1) Download our Marine Debris Data Collection form here to record just what it is you find in your community when you plan a day of action back home!

2) To assist with our data collection, please take a few minutes to enter the number of each item that you find in our data collection form under the image bar below. Be sure to fill out the required items at the top of this form.  This helps us track the data better!

3) Lastly – come back every now and again to see just how much of an impact we are having on the environment around NorthBay and your communities by noting the number of pounds we have collected from our communities below.  This growing number reflects that as we all make the small, good choices, that we can indeed make a difference!  We have the power to be!

Current total pieces of marine debris our NorthBay family has removed from the environment!: