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Water, the great connector.

What we do has an effect. Our actions have immediate impacts on us, other people and species, and our environment. Our actions also have long-term impacts as they shape our shared futures. Nowhere are our impacts more evident than in our streams and rivers. What we do on land directly influences stream and river health and subsequently, our health. Water is the great connector. We all use it.  We all need it. We all affect it.

Given this, NorthBay has joined with national partners to continue to influence students to investigate their local streams and forests.


NorthBay’s Professional Development

To complement and reinforce our work with students, NorthBay has established a national teacher professional development program that engages educators in this unique blend of environmental science and conservation education with character and social emotional learning to effect positive change. Like we do with students, we spend considerable time with teachers in and around freshwater. Many of the schools with whom we work have streams within walking distance, and we prepare teachers to take their students to them to conduct issue analysis research and action projects.

Freshwater Snorkeling – What’s Underneath?

Looking beyond our Chesapeake Bay programs, NorthBay has written national environmental science and character education curricula for the US Forest Service and Freshwaters Illustrated films. We are currently working on a curriculum and teacher professional development program centered on the film UpRiver, situated in the Willamette River Basin of Oregon. We are establishing experiential river education programs in partnership with the US Forest Service in Florida, Alabama, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. 


The nature of the NorthBay program, along with NorthBay’s ability to develop and deliver an integrated curriculum that blends social emotional and ecological learning, along with our vast experience in teacher professional development, positions us well to influence watershed education nationally.


National Partner Media
NorthBay has been teaching that our actions matter for 11 years. NorthBay, based in North East, MD, on the northern Chesapeake Bay, is one of the nation’s largest outdoor and character education programs. NorthBay was established in 2005 to challenge people to understand how the choices they make affect their futures, the people around them and the environment. The NorthBay program focuses on relevant science curriculum and uses the environment as integrating context to provide inquiry based science education that meets national curricular standards. The NorthBay program also uses the environment as metaphor for character and social emotional learning. The NorthBay program especially engages under represented populations in outdoor education.  Seven years of evaluation conducted by Virginia Tech demonstrates that the NorthBay model is highly effective for getting people to recognize their actions have an effect on the people around them and the environment, and inspires people to take action (Stern, Ardoin and Powell, 2013)



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