NorthBay is now casting for On the Street – 2016


Our updated On The Street segment will feature a vibrant, fun and energetic student, between the ages of 13-16, who will be our host and “person on the street” interviewing adults and students in various cities and locations around the Mid-Atlantic region (Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC).
The student chosen for this project will:
• Be comfortable & authentic in front of the camera
• Love meeting new people
• Have a genuine interest in learning and telling others’ stories

If this sounds like you please follow the instructions below for submitting your video audition to NorthBay Media’s production team.



  1. Start your recording device and state the following while looking directly at camera:
    • Your full name
    • The city and state in which you live
  2. In your video we want you to do two things:
    a) Tell us about yourself!  Use some of the following suggestions:
    • Your hobbies – what do you love to do, be a part of, or create?
    • Favorite subject in school and why?
    • A goal that you would like to accomplish in your life
    •  Discuss a person who has positively influenced your life.
    b) Interview 1 family member, friend or acquaintance and ask them one question about themselves and then ask them one follow-up question based on their answer.
  3. Your complete video should be no longer than 3 (three) minutes.


  1. Export/Upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo, or google drive, and email to (NorthBay will only accept videos from students who follow all of Vimeo, Youtube or other guidelines for posting video to the internet – Including parental permissions!)
  2. In the body of your email include the following:
    • A few sentences about yourself and any film, stage or acting experience you may have.
    • Your contact information (address, email, phone number, cell phone number, applicable social media info – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Your parents’ information (names, email, cell phone)

Video submissions are due June 27th, 2016


On the Street is a documentary/reality style show featuring four 3-4 min. segments. In these segments our energetic host takes the message and themes of NorthBay to people outside of our campus. One of our goals is to encourage the people that our host encounters, to be able to quickly tell their own “real life” stories. We will also feature brief interviews with individuals that have made positive contributions to their communities. Over the course of the four segments, we will also get to know more about our host.


NorthBay is the premier education facility and retreat center to affect positive change in our world.

NorthBay has made one of it’s primary goals to teach middle school students that their attitudes and their actions have an effect on their future, the environment as well as the people around them.  NorthBay uses a unique combination of our amazing facility, innovative environmental education, and cutting edge technology and media to share this mission.  Each year we serve approximately 10,000 students from the mid-Atlantic region of the United States with our five-day four-night program.

The On the Street project fits perfectly into this scenario. We will use it to illustrate our daily themes during our evening program called NorthBay LiveNorthBay Live is hosted by seasoned stage personalities and features professionally-produced video segments, live music and comedy performances, as well as short lessons & skits designed to teach and inspire the visiting students.

If this sounds like you please follow the instructions above for submitting your video audition to NorthBay Media’s production team.