Snorkeling with the Forest Service!

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[content_band   inner_container=”true” bg_color=”#3b8686″ ][custom_headline type=”right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ style=”margin-top: 0;”] Booking NorthBay for your group, event or school is easy. [/custom_headline] If you are interested in developing a freshwater snorkeling program in your state, contact     Keith Williams at his email:    [/content_band] Story Authors Submitted by NorthBay’s Creative Director – Kris Raser woocommerce support

What’s Underneath?

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Click this link to read a great article about NorthBay’s continuing partnership with the U.S. Forest Service as we connect students to their local streams and forests. Article appears as reported in the Rutland Herald (and forwarded through US News & World Report and the San Francisco Gate by the Associated Press) located in Rutland, Vermont, and written by staff writer Susan Smallheer. Kids Learn About the River Inside Out Story Authors Story link submitted by NorthBay’s Creative Director – Kris Raser

Snorkeling in Vermont

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NorthBay partners with the U.S. Forest Service to connect students to the West Branch River in Vermont. Click here to read this story as reported on Channel 3, WCAX in Burlington, Vermont!   Story Authors Story link submitted by NorthBay’s Creative Director – Kris Raser

Happy Arbor Day from NorthBay!

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If you’ve ever visited NorthBay’s campus headquarters in North East, MD you have likely shared a similar response to so many others as you decended the hill towards lower camp. Wonder, amazement, excitement and certainly awe of this beautiful setting are but a few of the reactions when seeing the place where you will spend the next few days.  But it takes a lot of work to keep NorthBay looking amazing for our guests & Gary Brown knows this full well. Gary is NorthBay’s Lead Grounds Technician and he, along with his co-technician, Wayne Ayers, recently noticed that a tree planted near our … Read More