NorthBay Accelerated

NorthBay Education Innovative, Accelerated, Residential Learning Programs

NorthBay Accelerated

NorthBay Accelerated is an exciting and innovative tutoring intervention for Maryland middle school students.
5 summer weeks and 5 winter weeks (100 students per week/ 500 students per semester)

Intensive week-long summer or winter residential learning and program introduction

Ongoing intensive tutoring in literacy and social emotional learning throughout subsequent semester

Twice Weekly virtual literacy tutoring sessions 1 tutor/2 students

Bi-weekly virtual SEL tutoring (small groups 8-12 students)

2 weekend residential experiences that include families (1 mid semester and 1 end of semester

Virtual parent welcome event and weekly parent engagement meetings

Program Features

  • Accelerated learning and SEL intervention designed to facilitate successful
    student transitions to face to face instruction
  • ESSA evidence evaluation and proven efficacy meet requirements for
    federal funding
  • Safe residential operations proven through the pandemic with an onsite
    wellness center, professional medical staff and rapid testing for COVID-19
  • Accelerated tutoring provides proven gains in literacy across skill spectrum
  • Cross curricular environmental issue investigation facilitates critical
    thinking and the application of academic skills from across disciplines.

COVID-19 has exacerbated the achievement gap.

NorthBay Academy was created in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, in collaboration with Baltimore City Public Schools and Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Baltimore City 6th grade students had the exciting opportunity to experience a world class residential education program for the duration of the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semester. This experience was provided at no cost to families, selected students stayed in residence at the Northbay campus Monday – Friday where they will received hands-on tutoring to guide them through their school’s synchronous virtual learning as well as intensive tutoring in literacy development, social emotional learning and health and wellness. Students also participated in numerous enrichment activities designed to engage them, develop skills and compliment their learning experience. The success of this program resulted in increasing literacy rates by 1.5 grade levels per semester.

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