RAMS Center for Chesapeake Bay Ecosystems Education

NorthBay @ Horn Point MSDE Gifted & Talented Summer Center 


NorthBay, in partnership with the Maryland State Department of Education offers RAMS Center for Chesapeake Bay Ecosystems Research. Located at the University of Maryland Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, MD this summer program brings authentic science education to Maryland’s gifted and talented student population. It is not required that students are identified or currently participating in a Gifted program but a strong desire to explore and investigate local ecosystems and challenge oneself will ensure success.

After choosing a track of study, students will work together to conduct field investigations, collect and analyze real world data and determine the effects of physical, chemical, and biological influences on the Chesapeake Bay. They will have the opportunity to work alongside top scientists and professionals to develop possible solutions to the issues facing our watershed. Using the IEEIA model (Investigating and Evaluating Environmental Issues and Actions), students will utilize common core language arts and math, and next generation science standards.

Program Details:
Price: $385
*Scholarship info available upon request

Middle School Tracks 
Oysters – Explore the historical significance as well as current status of oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay. Learn about their anatomy and how their niche helps keep the Bay clean. Tour Horn Point’s Laboratory as well as a commercial oyster hatchery.

Marsh – Investigate the coastal marshes of the Choptank River and all their inhabitants! Learn why these incredibly bio-diverse ecosystems are vital to the Chesapeake Bay and how they help to maintain a healthy habitat. Tour Horn Point’s Laboratory as well as go on an all day canoe trip through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

Invasive Species – Through investigating the marshes, meadows and maritime forests of Horn Point as well as an all day canoe trip through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and a tour of the Horn Point Laboratory, learn about specific invasive species that are affecting the Chesapeake Bay.

2019 Dates Coming soon!

High School Tracks 
Fish-  Spend the week surveying the biodiversity of fish populations in the lower Chesapeake Bay. Learn about the anatomy of fish and investigate possible degraded conditions affecting them within Bay watershed. Enjoy an all day canoe trip through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge as well as a tour of Horn Point’s Sturgeon Laboratory!

Aquatic Invertebrates- Explore the many invertebrates that populate our Chesapeake Bay including, jellyfish, plankton, and oysters. Investigate their significance to the health of our local waterways and economy. Enjoy an all day canoe trip through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge as well as a tour of Horn Point’s oyster hatchery.

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation- Snorkel the Choptank River in search of bay grass beds. Learn the niche of underwater plants and how fluctuation in population has affected the bays health and productivity. Explore the diversity of life supported by bay grass! Enjoy an all day canoe trip through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and a tour of Horn Point’s SAV labs.

NorthBay’s Counselor-in-Training Program
Work alongside our experienced and passionate team this summer! The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program enables your 11th-12th graders to participate in NorthBay @ Horn Point in a whole new way. It’s still a week of investigation and hands-on exploration of the Chesapeake Bay, but now there is leadership training and goal-setting skills built in. Please send a one page letter of interest detailing why you would be a good fit for this position to hornpoint@northbayadventure.org

The CIT program is an opportunity for your student to gain real world experience on how to be a positive and effective mentor. CITs will guide campers through their day-to-day activities during the week and provide insight and knowledge from their own experiences. This opportunity is being offered only for the middle school weeks of our NorthBay @ Horn Point program.

What to Expect:
Work with experienced Camp Instructors to be a positive mentor and coach
Encourage and inspire children to challenge themselves
Collaborate and ignite team spirit and fun
Receive service learning hours and letter of recommendation upon request

Program Details:
Price: $385

For more information please contact: hornpoint@northbayadventure.org


What You Need To Know

All of our class locations, adventure courses, and equipment are regularly certified and inspected.  Our staff members are background checked & drug tested, qualified in their field, and First Aid, CPR, and Med-Tech trained.

NorthBay has a zero tolerance with the following: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & weapons. Parents will be notified immediately and children will be sent home if found with any of the items listed above. 

We request that cell phones and other electronic equipment be left at home as they are dangerous distractions during adventure classes.

What to Bring to NorthBay @ Horn Point — and what not to bring!
Students and adults are responsible for bringing personal items and clothing which is appropriate for the season. We want your stay to be as pleasant and trouble free as possible. A partial, suggested list follows:

Sleeping Bag
Twin Bedding Sheets
Rain gear and boots
Tennis or hiking shoes
Shoes to wear in the water
Several changes of outer clothing
Changes of inner clothing
Several pairs of socks
Personal Gear
Towel, soap, and shampoo
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Writing materials
Water bottle
Insect Repellent

Warm Jacket
Winter Hat (ear muffs are not enough)
Winter Gloves (2 pairs)
Long underwear
Swimsuit and beach towel

Please DO NOT bring the items listed below:
Radios or CD Players
MP3 Players or IPods
Gaming Platforms (XBox, GameBoy, etc.)
Gum of any kind
Snack Food
Cell phones – If brought to camp, phones may be restricted/collected and returned at the end of camp.