NorthBay’s Education Internship Program

Are you interested in teaching, working outside, animals, or adventure?! NorthBay can provide you with a unique opportunity to learn leadership skills, group management, discipline, character and environmental education experience in an outdoor setting. We have various programs for kids of all ages. Be prepared to learn a wealth of experience once you choose to have your internship with us!

Duties and Educational Outcomes of Intern:

  1. Responsible for the safety of 20-40 children in an outdoor, sometimes remote setting.
  2. Effectively teach students from various school districts MSDE approved curricula such as IEEIA, Common Core Next Generation Science Standards, and MD Environmental Literacy Standards  in environmental education, environmental science, character and outdoor education.
  3. Participate and assist in various parts of the education program to include, but not limited to our outreach program, lesson and curriculum development, green schools, schoolyard habitat, Chesapeake Wilderness Institute, greenhouse, and other special projects.
  4. Participate in animal care responsibilities.
  5. Participate in various camp maintenance activities.
  6. Other opportunities include administration, student discipline/behavioral management, group management, and team building.
  7. Duties specific to the needs of your internship.


  • 40 hours/week
  • Monday through Friday
  • February-end of internship (normally around May 12th)
  • Unpaid, includes free room and board, meals


If you are interested in directly impacting the environment and changing students’ lives through involvement in our internship program, please contact Salena Garber at her office: 443.674.9058, or through email: