Happy Arbor Day from NorthBay!

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If you’ve ever visited NorthBay’s campus headquarters in North East, MD you have likely shared a similar response to so many others as you decended the hill towards lower camp. Wonder, amazement, excitement and certainly awe of this beautiful setting are but a few of the reactions when seeing the place where you will spend the next few days.  But it takes a lot of work to keep NorthBay looking amazing for our guests & Gary Brown knows this full well.

Gary is NorthBay’s Lead Grounds Technician and he, along with his co-technician, Wayne Ayers, recently noticed that a tree planted near our boys’ cabins had been ravaged by bugs and woodpeckers. “This is one of NorthBay’s main focal points as it’s right there in front of the boys’ cabins, so we knew it was time for an upgrade”, says Gary.

The tree chosen for this spot was one of the largest available for transportation – you might notice the Cat Track Loader was doing it’s best to transport the humongous sapling 😉 – and was picked for various reasons. As Gary explains, “We wanted whatever tree that we planted to be one that matched its surroundings and also be large enough to provide shade for the campers throughout the year. And since it is planted on the side of camp that traditionally hosts our young men campers, we felt it necessary to make sure it was tall and sturdy enough to withstand any curious tree-branch swingers!”

NorthBay’s newest Fiesta Maple is taking root just in time for Arbor Day 2017 and we hope that you will join Gary, our NorthBay Educators & Counselors, and nature lovers across the world by planting a tree somewhere in your environment! If you do be sure to share your story with us by tagging us in any social media posts (Instagram: @northbayadventure, Facebook: NorthBay Adventure, or Twitter: @northbayadvntre), or by sending us an email: media@northbayadventure.org

We recorded Gary, Wayne and friends planting our new tree in the video below and we hope you’ll enjoy watching their progress. Lastly, if you wanted to “dig” deeper into Arbor Day, Gary has some great suggestions below!

Enjoy and Happy Arbor Day!

Gary Brown’s Arbor Day Viewing Playlist:

  1. The video below.
  2. It’s Arbor Day Charlie Brown
  3. The 9/11 Survivor Tree Timelapse Video
  4. The Giving Tree read aloud by author Shel Silverstein
Story Authors

NorthBay’s Lead Ground Technician – Gary Brown, and his long-time high school friend (and NorthBay’s Creative Director) – Kris Raser


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