Snorkeling with the Forest Service!

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Freshwater Snorkeling – What’s Underneath?

Looking beyond our Chesapeake Bay programs, NorthBay has written national environmental science and character education curricula for the US Forest Service and Freshwaters Illustrated films. We are currently working on a curriculum and teacher professional development program centered on the film UpRiver, situated in the Willamette River Basin of Oregon. We are establishing experiential river education programs in partnership with the US Forest Service in Florida, Alabama, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Catch a glimpse of what NorthBay & the U.S. Forest Service’s Freshwater Snorkeling program can look like in your state, by viewing the video below.

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If you are interested in developing a freshwater snorkeling program in your state, contact    
Keith Williams at his email:    

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23 Comments on “Snorkeling with the Forest Service!”

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