Turtle Poop – Part 2

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2nd in a 2-part series featuring NorthBay’s “NEXT” program.
Most people see NorthBay as our normal residential program, but, what many don’t have the opportunity to experience is our amazing NEXT program! The NEXT program is also known as NorthBay Extended. In this program, NorthBay educators will either go back out to the schools we serve for follow up visits, or head out for pre-visits of schools that are to come in the future. NEXT brings students out of their classrooms and exposes them to a brand new world that they’ve always known, but now they get to investigate. This process opens their eyes to issues around their school and neighborhoods.

Recently, the NEXT program has had the pleasure of visiting schools such as Stubbs Elementary and Jones Elementary in Delaware, and Mary Harris Mother Jones Elementary School in Prince George’s County Maryland. Each student enjoyed the visit as we had fun playing with water!

The fourth grades studied turbidity, and the fifth grade students tested water quality. Students get to experience NorthBay, but back at their very own schools. Interestingly enough, the fifth graders tested two samples of water, one was regular tap water, the other – a sample of water from NorthBay’s wellness center turtle tank, “Dottie the turtle”! What’s the interesting part about this you ask? Well, before testing both samples students were asked which water they would prefer to drink just by viewing them. Many, said they would drink sample “D”, which was Dottie’s water. Yuck! 😉 Students proceeded with testing and to their surprise, looks can indeed be deceiving!

On the flip side, fourth graders absolutely loved creating a map of their very own watersheds! Who doesn’t like creating their own town right? Some students had their favorite stores on their watersheds, as well as their homes and favorite restaurants! They got to design exactly where they wanted everything to be placed. Cool right?! Too bad… After drawing they had to crumple their paper watersheds all up! Sure, they were a bit puzzled at this step, but lo and behold, they ended up creating mountains, hills, and valleys on their watersheds! They then traced the protruding lines on their paper with washable markers, and got to use spray bottles to “let it rain” on their watersheds as well. Students learned that one person’s actions in the environment in one area of a watershed, can affect another area of that same watershed.

The NorthBay Extended program is as fun filled and thrives just as much as the residential program. I see it as a “house call”! Don’t sleep on us, we’ll wake you up!!!!

NEXT Program Assistant & NorthBay Educator – Naeema Watts

NorthBay Stories is a blog series featuring staff from a variety of roles. Here we learn their stories, hear amazing adventures involving students, and discuss the field of environmental/character education at large.

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