Johns Hopkins School of Education will continue to provide ongoing rigorous evaluation of the programs’ efficacy, providing accountability to results and continuous program improvement to best meet students evolving needs.

Johns Hopkins School of Education is currently studying the efficacy of the SY 2020-21 pilot program with a focus on academic and social emotional outcomes. Research is ongoing and will be made available once completed. Click here to view the interim report.

The NorthBay Academy is not only providing a service of academic support, but rather one of comprehensive support that benefits students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. In a short amount of time, NorthBay has created an amazing network for students, families, services, care, and support. The stakeholders are authentically invested and are relentless in doing whatever it takes to help students be successful. It was once again a pleasure working with each of the leaders and educators at NorthBay.”
Tamara Himmelberger – Success for All Foundation

What the partnership between NorthBay, Baltimore City Public Schools and Johns Hopkins has born out it that this, cross discipline and partner approach really yields incredible results for kids…As a society are we willing to invest in what we know works for kids, I think NorthBay is an example of that”
Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO Baltimore City Public Schools

NorthBay Evaluation

NorthBay has been serving over 10,000 students per year in residential and targeted tutoring education programs. Each year we have been formally evaluating the effectiveness of our program in terms of environmental intention to act, academic intention to act and citizenship/character. This process is designed and overseen by a team of external consultants from Yale, Virginia Tech and Clemson Universities through the administration of pre, post and 3 month past experience instruments.


 Evaluation created by Dr. Marc Stern (Virginia Tech), Dr. Nicole Ardoin (Stanford) and Dr. Bob Powell (Clemson).

  • Apart from overall satisfaction, the evaluation measures three key areas of impact as well as determining the student’s attitude towards school. These three areas of impact include: Personal Impact, Character Development and Leadership and Environmental Responsibility.
  • Over the course of 15 years of professional evaluation, NorthBay has consistently proven to have a significant impact in all three key areas.
  • Survey instruments are delivered pre-program, post-program and three months later to determine immediate efficacy and examine impact over time.
  • Evaluation program includes PhD candidates in residence to offer new insights each year uncovering previously unknown areas of impact such as the shift in role models discovered in 2017.


Some key takeaways from our latest evaluation include:

  • 73% of students agree with the statement, “My time at NorthBay has changed the way I look at my life.”
  • Our strongest short and long-term impacts on students continue to be in Character Development and Leadership with the strongest shifts in “The choices I make today can change my life” and “I will talk to my friends about making positive choices.”
  • Within Environmental Responsibility our strongest shift is also a product of strong character education, “I will work as a volunteer in my community.”
  • Strong short-term positive shifts in Attitudes Toward School.
  • 93% of teachers agree “NorthBay has had a positive impact on my students.”
  • 85% of teachers agree “NorthBay has had a positive impact on the culture of my school.”

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