Food 101 For Families

Intro to FOOD 101 Video
Trees Methods & Analysis Help Video

Want A Bigger Challenge?

  1. Food packaging opens up a whole new line of exciting questions, such as: What is the packaging material?
  2. Who makes it and how?
  3. What happens to it after you unwrap your food?
  4. Where does the packaging go?
  5. How is food packaged in other nature? (why did I say “other nature” anyway?)
  6. Start investigating, and let us know what you discover!
  7. Create your own biodegradable-in-a-home-compost-pile food package.
  8. See if you can find out about food waste in other countries.
  9. How do the countries measure up against one another
  10. Research food scarcity, or food insecurity. These are not only issues in other countries, they are issues in our own country.

Tell us what you’ve discovered Please share what you are doing and any feedback

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