Sound powered by Midas M32 and 9 speakers

Lighting powered by Lightkey

Video powered by ProPresenter 7

Wireless control with iPad (not included), exhaustive microphone options, in-ear and external monitor solutions, 20:8 inputs/outputs on-stage

Advanced and beginner solutions available, 6 diverse moving lights, external fader wing, in-universe house lighting, and pre-designed mood looks

Switch between 4 video inputs, send separate signal to confidence projector, and enjoy anamorphic content on 20 x 8.5 ft. screen

Audio control

  • S16 Stage Box

  • M-32 

  • Phone app for performers

Combine 4 video sources

  • Switch between multiple laptops

  • Send “stage display” feed to Confidence Projector

  • Enjoy anamorphic content on the widescreen

2 light control options

  • Lightkey (pictured): Mac-inspired lighting software ideal for beginners or expert lighting engineers. 

Open concept organization

  • Ethernet

  • Combo

  • XLR

  • Quarter Inch Cables

  • Speakon to Edison

  • Speakon

  • Extension cords

  • Power strips

Effortless access

  • Wireless In-ear packs (2)

  • Handheld wireless microphones (4)

  • Wireless over ear microphones (2)

  • DI Boxes (6)

3-Phase power distro

  • Quickly connect constant power or dimmer racks to upstage wall

  • 800 amp service

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