Health & Safety

At NorthBay, the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and guests is our number one priority. We adhere to the highest industry safety standards. Since 2005, we have safely served over 500,000 students, teachers, parents and guests at the NorthBay campus. We maintain our excellent safety record through the continual assessment and improvement of our policies and practices to ensure we are delivering on our commitment to providing a safe environment for students, guests and staf

General Safety

NorthBay has extensive operating and safety procedures. These policies and practices are reviewed both internally and externally and updated on a regular and as needed basis by senior staff and the NorthBay safety committee.

We have professional medical staff in our wellness center 24 hours a day. In addition, the NorthBay overnight team provides supervision and support on campus throughout the night. Additional management and facilities staff are on call 24 hours a day when not onsite.

NorthBay has an extensive radio network and PA system to ensure rapid campus-wide communication. This allows staff to immediately respond to any service requests or emergencies. Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus and are connected to the NorthBay radio network. Our radio protocols ensure communication is professional, effective and efficient.

All of our staff who work with children are trained in child abuse prevention and recognition. This training is backed up by policies and structures that protect children such as adults never being alone with a child and indoor spaces designed to be visible and well lit.

NorthBay has an active shooter policy in place and staff are ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) trained, in partnership with the Cecil County Sheriff’s Department.

Medical Safety and Wellness Center

NorthBay has a state of the art wellness center staffed by full-time professionals who are onsite 24 hours a day when we are providing our school programs. The role of the wellness center starts well before students arrive at NorthBay. All parents/guardians are required to complete the NorthBay health and medication forms prior to their child coming to NorthBay. The information in these forms is entered into a secure electronic health records system, providing important information on student health, allergies and medications. This student information allows us to ensure that appropriate plans are made to safely serve the needs of all students well before they arrive at NorthBay.

Upon arrival at NorthBay, all student medication is stored securely in the wellness center and administered by the wellness center staff. The wellness center is staffed 24 hours a day, allowing staff to immediately respond to any student need or emergency.

A medical doctor serves as NorthBay’s medical director to provide standing orders and establish and review all wellness center policies. NorthBay’s medical policies exceed the requirements of the Maryland state guidelines.

All NorthBay staff providing direct service to students and guests are First Aid and CPR certified and trained in the use of an AED. NorthBay maintains three AEDs strategically located throughout our campus. This commitment to training and resources ensures immediate assistance is always available.

Adventure Elements

The NorthBay adventure program utilizes proven, state of the art technology to ensure the safety of all participants. We offer a 625’ dual zipline, 650’ aqua dual zipline into the Chesapeake Bay, giant swing, indoor/outdoor climbing walls, high ropes course, and low ropes course. The NorthBay adventure elements and equipment are inspected daily by trained NorthBay staff and undergo a thorough third party inspection annually by industry leading experts from Vestals Gap Ventures. Vestals Gap Ventures is an Accredited Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) inspector. Adventure staff receive internal and external training, per ACCT guidelines, to ensure the safe operation of all adventure activities and our training program, policies and procedures are externally reviewed and certified biennially. Our high ropes course utilizes the Bornack Smart Belay System. This ensures that no participant can unclip at any time out on the course. This exceeds all industry standards for safety.
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