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What is NorthBay Academy


Johns Hopkins School of Education

NorthBay Academy Spring 2021

Transformative Education for Baltimore City 6th Graders

The NorthBay Academy, starting fall 2021, is a statewide program providing accelerated learning opportunities to Maryland middle school students in a residential setting. Through intensive tutoring, and personalized learning interventions, students acquire the skills and academic advancement to excel upon return to their home school environment.

Why Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the education system resulting in significant learning loss. Students who came into the pandemic with with the fewest academic opportunities are on track to exit with the greatest learning loss, exacerbating the achievement gap. Left unaddressed these losses will compound over time translating into ever wider achievement gaps and reducing the ability to gain the education needed to build a brighter future. To catch up students will need targeted, holistic interventions to accelerate learning.

Why NorthBay?

NorthBay has been providing innovative and impactful learning opportunities to over 250,000 Maryland students since 2005. NorthBay has a state-of-the-art campus that is ideally positioned to provide the platform to deliver the innovate programing required to serve Maryland students. In September 2020 NorthBay, in partnership with MSDE, Baltimore City Public Schools and in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Education initiated a pilot NorthBay Academy program. Using an evidence based approach built on the success of the paulo it program NorthBay its uniquely positioned to provide the innovative learning interventions many Maryland students desperately need.

“I think that the power of NorthBay is it really brings all of those pieces of young people’s person to bare, while developing leadership capacity while also giving the extra help academically and frankly just being able to see nature in a different way than they have before. “

Dr. Santelises – CEO Baltimore City Public Schools