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COVID-19 has exacerbated the achievement gap. Students who started with the fewest academic opportunities will exit with the greatest learning loss. Left unaddressed, these losses will compound over time and reduce the ability to gain the education needed to build a brighter future. To catch up, students will need targeted holistic interventions to accelerate learning that will catalyze success in the traditional school setting.

NorthBay Accelerated 

NorthBay Accelerated is an exciting and innovative tutoring intervention for Maryland middle school students. 

Program Sequence 
* Intensive week-long summer or winter residential learning and program
* Ongoing intensive tutoring in literacy and social emotional learning
throughout subsequent semester 
* Twice Weekly virtual literacy tutoring sessions 1 tutor/2 students 
* Bi-weekly virtual SEL tutoring (small groups 8-12 students) 
* 2 weekend residential experiences that include families (1 mid semester
and 1 end of semester 
* Virtual parent welcome event and weekly parent engagement meetings

5 summer weeks and 5 winter weeks (100 students per week/ 500 students per semester)

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NorthBay Accelerated video

Program Features 

* Accelerated learning and SEL intervention designed to facilitate successful
student transitions to face to face instruction
* ESSA evidence evaluation and proven efficacy meet requirements for
federal funding
* Safe residential operations proven through the pandemic with an onsite
wellness center, professional medical staff and rapid testing for COVID-19
* Accelerated tutoring provides proven gains in literacy across skill
* Cross curricular environmental issue investigation facilitates critical
thinking and the application of academic skills from across disciplines.

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NorthBay Legacy Program

Our Legacy program is designed as a 5 day 4 night on-campus experience. We challenge students to recognize how their actions affect their futures, their communities and the environment. Students learn Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies while they conduct authentic investigations of environmental issues.

* Social Emotional Learning 
* Authentic environmental issue investigation
* Experience NorthBay Live & A Talent Show
* High Adventure Elements
* Hands on outdoor education

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NorthBay Experience Video

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