Week 1: Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

This pollinator can be found in many moist, low areas due to its reliance on its host plant: The Pawpaw tree. 

Individuals of this species will actually vary in coloring and size depending on whether they grew in the spring or summer, and these butterflies love gathering together in groupings on the ground to obtain salts.

So try planting a few pawpaw trees in a moist area, and let us know if you start seeing any beautiful zebra swallowtails!

Week 2: Monarch Butterfly

The magnificent Monarch relies on any kind of Milkweed plant throughout its life, so the introduction of this plant can encourage these butterflies to begin visiting your very own neighborhood.

Monarch eggs are laid under Milkweed leaves, and Monarch caterpillars feed only on this plant. By feeding on toxic milkweeds, Monarchs gain these toxic qualities and then become toxic to their predators!