Coming to NorthBay!

We’re so excited that you’ll be visiting NorthBay soon!

Like many students that have come before, you may have some questions about what a day at NorthBay is like and what is expected of you.  Firstly, this is a school field trip.  Most of the guidelines that are expected of students at your school will be enforced at NorthBay as well.  And certainly there will be much to learn and discuss, but classrooms at NorthBay are outside, on the beach, in the trees and in boats!

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what a “Day at NorthBay” is like.

Then, if you’re up for reading some more check out the accordion tabs below that may give even more insight about what you can expect and how to best prepare for your time here.

See you soon!!


What Students Need to Know

All of our class locations, adventure courses, and equipment are regularly certified and inspected.  Our staff members are background checked & drug tested, qualified in their field, and First Aid, CPR, and Med-Tech trained.

NorthBay has a zero tolerance with the following: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & weapons. Parents will be notified immediately and children will be sent home if found with any of the items listed above. Skateboards are also prohibited at NorthBay.

We request that cell phones and other electronic equipment be left at home as they are dangerous distractions during adventure classes.  Cell phones brought to camp are stored in cabin safes and children are allowed to make calls before dinner time.

What to Bring to NorthBay — and what not to bring!
Students and adults are responsible for bringing personal items and clothing which is appropriate for the season. We want your stay at NorthBay to be as pleasant and trouble free as possible. A partial, suggested list follows:

Rain gear and boots
Tennis or hiking shoes
Shoes to wear in the water
Several changes of outer clothing
Changes of inner clothing
Several pairs of socks
Personal Gear
Towel, soap, and shampoo
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Writing materials
Water bottle
Insect Repellent
Store money (small bills)

Warm Jacket
Winter Hat (ear muffs are not enough)
Winter Gloves (2 pairs)
Long underwear
Swimsuit and beach towel

Please DO NOT bring the items listed below:
Radios or CD Players
MP3 Players or IPods
Gaming Platforms (XBox, GameBoy, etc.)
Gum of any kind
Snack Food
Cell phones

NorthBay Map