Real Life 2023 Casting

Deadline For Video Submission's Saturday July 8th 8PM

Welcome to the casting call page for “Real Life,” an exciting short film that delves into the lives of four teenage friends: Tyler, Jerome, Ana, and Cree. Set against the backdrop of their everyday struggles and dilemmas, this film explores the consequences of the choices they make. We are seeking talented actors who can portray the raw emotions and complexities of these characters. If you are or look between the ages of 14-16 and possess a natural ability to captivate audiences, we invite you to audition for this thought-provoking and compelling project. Join us on this journey as we bring “Real Life” to the screen, where the choices we make can lead us to places we never intended to be.

Video Audition Submission  Instructions 

Step 1: Review the character descriptions. Please specify which character you are auditioning for at the beginning of your video. 

Step 2: Record a one to two minute video monologue as the character of your choice. The monologue should be the character telling the audience about their life (this will be an improv). Before you begin your monologue, tell us a little about yourself in real life. 

Step 3: Make sure that your monologue is clean and appropriate. Professional recording equipment is not necessary. Cell phone videos are sufficient. Make sure that you are in the video frame clearly and that the audio is loud enough to hear during playback and you.  

Step 4: Submit video recordings to with your name in the subject line. Please also include your guardian’s phone number and email address. You must have their permission to submit. 

Character Descriptions

Jerome (Looks 16)

Jerome is a smart, athletic kid. He has goals of being a gamer and he thinks that his negative habits of doing drugs won’t affect his future. He is slacking in school and feels pressured by his family to make the right choices. He doesn’t care about his parents’ concerns and continues to choose to go down the wrong path. 

Anna (Looks 16) 

Anna is an honor roll student and all-around good girl. She is Tyler’s girlfriend and Cree’s older cousin. She has hopes for her future as well as her future with Tyler. She has a bit of an attitude with the people around her because of their bad decisions and is a little judgmental. 

Tyler (Looks 16) 

Tyler is a Drug dealer He’s also Anna’s boyfriend and Jerome’s best friend. He feels pressured to take care of his mom and sister because his dad isn’t in his life. He is optimistic about a better future but makes terrible decisions that lead him in the opposite direction.

Cree (Looks 14) 

Cree is Anna’s younger cousin who is looking for a sense of identity but her carefree attitude and social media addiction leads her to making poor choices trying to find it. She is also confident, outspoken and doesn’t want to listen to Anna’s advice.

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