Team Building at NorthBay

Our team building programs are designed to increase communication, collaboration and most importantly trust. We want to help your team realize that their attitudes and actions have a lasting impact on the future of your organization, the team you are a part of, and ultimately each individual’s success. We have three primary team building programs, which are designed to improve your team’s dynamics and provide a fun day outside of the office.

Discover NorthBay’s team building options below!

Amazing Race

Communication, leadership, and Innovation…these are just a few words which can be used to describe the Amazing Race. While our event is like the Amazing Race on TV, we are just using the idea of a race to create a compelling and fun reason to work together. We will be running this race as a team and if you have more than one team we can have your teams compete. Your team or team’s will face challenges that are visual, hands-on, and will involve trust building and problem solving. Some of these challenges are rescuing an eagle egg, whale watching, taking a blind fold hike and solving a group puzzle. We will ensure that your entire team will have the opportunity to play a significate role. Your team will collaborate to overcome a series of fun and challenging team building activities.

Group Sizes: 6-150 people

Time: 2 hours

Activity Level: Moderate

It won’t take long to recognize members of your team stepping up into leadership positions as the team works together in order to complete activities. The Amazing Race is a series of short team building activities which are designed to engage the whole group toward collective success. This event will be catered towards your group’s needs and size, giving you the opportunity to set out your goals with one of our team building facilitators to ensure a memorable and successful experience.


5K Adventure Race

This one’s not for the faint at heart. More adventure, more problem solving, and more physical challenges. Teams will navigate our wilderness by hiking, canoeing, running, and mountain biking. Oh, and just like in life, your team can expect some curveballs to make for real life scenarios, drawing your team together like never before.

Group Sizes: 6-12 people

Time: 4 hours

Activity Level: High

The day will begin with a briefing and warm-up to prepare for the challenge ahead. The teams will use a GPS to navigate check points which are formatted into teambuilding exercises. The course and navigation will require problem solving and trust, in order to overcome North Bay’s most physically challenging team building course.


Challenge Circuit

Your group may have a very precise goal in mind or we can offer you the ability to design a customized teambuilding program along with one of our facilitator’s. Often we have groups who would like to focus on one theme or outcome to improve. Some examples of those themes and outcomes are trust, communication and mutual respect. This event is similar to the Amazing Race where we will use a variety of challenges, but remove the idea of competition. We will facilitate challenges that work toward your goals. So let us work to serve your needs which will ensure an exceptional experience tailored to your unique team.

Group Sizes: 6 <

Time: 2-4 hours

Activity Level: Low to High

All three of these options start with a briefing and an energizer game to break the ice and set ground rules before beginning the main event. The program will conclude with a facilitated debrief where you have the opportunity to reflect on the experience, the challenges faced and how the team overcame those challenges. We recognize that every team is unique and as such all of our programs are customizable to meet your specific needs. Our experienced staff of professional facilitators will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Contact Ryan Worley today for more information or to make a reservation.  Ryan’s contact information is also below on this page.

Team building Day Program

Team building ONLY Team building and Lunch
School Groups & Scout Troops $35 $42.75
College & Non-Profit Groups $40 $47.75
Corporate Groups $45 $52.75

Rates do not include MD State 6% sales tax.  Groups that can provide a MD Sales Tax Exemption Certificate are not subject to this tax.  Out of state guests must provide a Federal Tax Exemption Ruling Letter.

The state of the art NorthBay facility provides the ideal location for your team building program including a variety of meeting spaces while the NorthBay chef can provide your team with an exceptional lunch.

Looking for overnight accommodation? Consider the NorthBay Guest House. This unique property is located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The Guest House has 11 private bedrooms that can accommodate up to 22 people and is ideal for any retreat whether it be corporate or social. For more information click here.


NorthBay has four exciting 500 foot long zip-lines, which are a highlight for all NorthBay guests. One pair goes across dry land while the other pair goes across our beach and finish in the Chesapeake Bay. Our water zip-lines only run during our summer season and are dependent on tide conditions while our dry zip-lines operate year round.


Giant Swing (aka The Screamer):

The Giant Swing is NorthBay’s most adrenaline inducing ride. It seats three people at a time allowing you to share the experience with others. As you swing down over our private beach you have sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay.


Ropes Course:

NorthBay has three levels of difficulty on our ropes course. The first is designed as our beginner course for all age groups. Our second/intermediate course provides an additional challenge to the adventurer. Our third course is advanced and is for those seeking a high level of ropes course challenge (16 year old age minimum required for the advanced course).


Rock Wall:

NorthBay’s indoor and outdoor climbing walls ensure that climbing can be done year round. These courses provide the opportunity for guest of all ages and ability to find the climbing challenge that is right for them.


 Booking NorthBay for your group, event or school is easy. 

If you are interested in booking a group for the weekend, for the summer, or for an adventure filled team-building day trip,   
please contact Ryan Worley at the office: 443-674-9032, or at his email: