Vision: Transform Lives. Inspire Action.

NorthBay is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.

Who Are We

The nation’s largest outdoor education campus and premier retreat destination. Located in North East, Maryland 1 hour North of Baltimore and South of Philadelphia. Since 2005, we have served over 275,000 public school students, 350 schools and 21 districts have participated in NorthBay’s innovative, outdoor residential education programs. We have also served thousands of guests during weekends and summer retreats.


Challenge people through transformative educational and retreat experiences to realize their attitudes and actions have a lasting impact on their lives, communities, and the environment.

What Drives What We Do?

As we strive to fulfill the NorthBay Mission and achieve our vision we operate under a number of values that guide our work. We cite these values as our core that ensures we maintain the proper priority and focus each and every day.

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