NorthBay Academy

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A Baltimore City Public Schools, Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and NorthBay Education Partnership.
Providing Transformative Education for Baltimore Cit y6th grade students.

NorthBay Academy is an exciting opportunity for Baltimore City 6th grade students to experience a world class residential education program for the duration of the Fall 2020 semester. Provided at no cost to families, selected students will be in residence at the Northbay campus Monday – Friday where they will receive hands-on tutoring to guide them through their school’s synchronous virtual learning as well as intensive tutoring in literacy development, social emotional learning and health and wellness. Students will also participate in numerous enrichment activities designed to engage them, develop skills and compliment their learning experience.

Parents/guardians need to complete an application and return it to their child’s school for them to be considered for selection by their school by no later than September 21st. Safety and security of students, families and staff particularly as it relates to COVID-19 are a priority. NorthBay’s extensive experience of providing residential education experiences for the past 15 years, together with guidance from local, state and federal agencies has allowed NorthBay put in place all appropriate facility and operations requirements to provide a safe environment for students to learn.

What is NorthBay Academy?

NorthBay Academy Features

Safety & Security

At NorthBay safety is paramount. Our facilities undergo regular inspections and certification and our staff are all qualified in their field, background checked (state and federal) and drug tested. We make the health and safety of your child a priority.

NorthBay is following all local, state and federal guidelines and practices to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

NorthBay has a policy of zero tolerance for the use/possession of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) or weapons. Parents/guardians and school leadership will be notified of violations policy and children sent home.

Campus & Accommodations

The NorthBay campus is located 1 hour north of Baltimore in the beautiful Elk Neck State Park. Lodging is provided in one of 18 different cabins. Each cabin consists of 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, with 12 bunk beds each, for a total sleeping capacity of 24/cabin. Inside the cabin, next to each room is a bathroom, each with two showers and two toilets. Our cabins are heated and air conditioned and are separated by gender. Students are provided with linens, blankets and pillows but are expected to bring their own towels and washcloths.

There will be a maximum of 12 students per cabin building which can sleep 24. These cabin groups are the cohorts that students will remain in for the duration of the semester and with whom they will participate in classes, all enrichment activities and transportation.

The buildings, pathways, and activities at NorthBay are accessible to disabled persons. Students with special needs can participate in all activities.


Students will be grouped into cohorts of 12 and will stay in that cohort for the duration of the Program.

Participants will engage in supported live synchronous learning with their schools. Additionally, students will receive intensive tutoring designed to improve their literacy, social emotional learning, and engage in a variety of enrichment activities all led by NorthBay Academy staff. Our direct tutoring and instruction is delivered in four key pillars to student success: Literacy, Academics, Social Emotional Learning, and Physical Education. Weekly debriefs with school staff will occur to coordinate student activities and lessons and check on NorthBay students progress.

Nutrition & Wellness

NorthBay’s Wellness Center contains a treatment area, isolation rooms, medication storage, and appropriate bathrooms. NorthBay’s experienced staff includes two RN’s as well as several EMT’s trained in CPR, first aid and medication administration all under the oversight of the NorthBay Medical Director. The Wellness Center is staffed 24 hours a day

All health and medication forms need to be accurately completed and signed by the parent/guardian and a doctor in order for the Wellness Center staff to be able to administer your child’s medications

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