Adults Chaperones

Adult FAQs & Expectations While at Camp

During the Day
• Stop any NorthBay staff member
• Come to Administration
• Talk to your point person
• Use the nearest call box for an emergency (Press and hold the button for transmission.)

At Night
• Use the nearest call box (Press and hold the button for transmission.)
• Stop by the Wellness Center

  • Help manage students especially to and from meals
  • If you are staying overnight with students, take a break before or after lunch (after students have transitioned into class)
  • Class locations are anywhere on camp, ask a NB employee to call the educator on the radio if you need to find a class
  • “Challenge by Choice”. Students are encouraged towards the adventure activities but are never made to do them.  It is their choice as to their level of engagement with each element.
  • Activities assigned based on wristband colors. Wristbands will be handed out at 3pm in the Dining Hall.
  • Students must be accompanied by an adult during activity time and in the store.
  • Astronomy & Night Hikes will be offered in the evenings by the assigned cabin counselor. If you’re not assigned a counselor you should partner with the closest one in your cluster.
  • For activity locations see the evening schedule portion of your printed schedule.  Extra copies can be found in the Bowers Center (Admin office).
  • Cell phones and valuables should be locked in the cabin safe during the day.
  • Do not allow pillow fights or play fighting in the cabins.
  • No switching cabins. Students must stay in the cabin that the school assigned.
  • Students must be supervised at all times when they are in the cabin.
  • In cold weather keep the bathroom doors closed and bathroom lights off as much as possible.
  • Do not put your room key near a cell phone or it may de-magnetize.
  • No females in male cabins and no males in female cabins.
  • Quiet time is 10:30pm. Kids cannot be outside of the cabin after 10:30pm.
  • Our Night Ops staff will do cabin checks each night
  • If you are having an issue with safes, please contact NorthBay staff for assistance.
  • Counselors arrive at 6pm and leave at 8:30am after getting students to the dining hall for breakfast. (Counselors are not on camp during the 3 – 6pm activity time.)
  • NorthBay Counselors are full time staff that receive the same training as the Education staff. You may have a counselor either in or next door to your cabin.
  • Parent Cabins will be paired up with Counselor Cabins on Monday night for Counselors to review Cabin Expectations with the kids.
  • Counselors are trained to run “Cabin Time” discussions with students in their cabin after NB Live. If you would like you can pair up with a Counselor during this time to join together for a cabin discussion.
  • Counselors are also here as a resource for you. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask the nearest counselor.

NorthBay discourages smoking on our campus.  For those struggling to leave this habit at home there are two designated areas for smoking at NorthBay. At no point should there be students joining adults in these areas.

Dock Smoking
Dock Smoking
On upper camp behind the Roost
  • Lost and Found: Items will be placed on stage in the Dining Hall. Items of value will be returned to the front desk in Administration.
  • Roost: When students are assigned to a Roost cabin they are not allowed to hang out in the Roost common areas, except for class time.
  • Phone Calls: Students who brought their cell phones will be able to use their phones for a short period after the show when back in their cabins. They are discouraged from carry their phones with them during the day. Students without a phone can use the phone in Administration during meal times.
  • Dress for Weather: Let a NB staff member know if a student does not have the right equipment for weather. We have clothing, jackets, hats that they can use to be sure they are dressed properly for being outside.
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