The NorthBay Academy is a statewide program serving up to 1,400 students each school year. Students enroll in the program for a period of 10 weeks or greater through the course of the 6th grade, during which time they reside at NorthBay (Monday to Friday), while receiving 24/5 support.

Each student receives an individualized learning plan aligned with the Maryland State Department of Education curriculum.This is supported with intensive tutoring in small group and one-on-one settings with a particular focus on math, literacy and social emotional development by highly qualified staff. This is supported by intentional social emotional learning opportunities, health, wellness, leadership development, sports and enrichment activities designed to accelerate learning and grow confidence.

NorthBay’s unique campus, set in the Elk Neck State Park, provides the perfect backdrop for this holistic and innovative program, and provides students with learning and development opportunities they would otherwise not have.

Once students have acquired the skills and learning they need to return successfully to their home school the NorthBay NEXT staff, working in partnership with school staff, support students through this critical phase of the program.

In 2021 NorthBay launched a pilot NorthBay Academy in Partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools and in collaboration with John’s Hopkins University School of Education to learn more about the ongoing pilot click here


NorthBay Academy combines MSDE approved curricula with a proven hands-on pedagogy, using the environment as the integrating context to reach learning standards across academic disciplines. Individualized tutoring in key content areas provides students the needed boost to get on pace with their peers and build the confidence needed for lasting academic engagement and success. Intentional social emotional learning infused throughout the program facilitates the development of the whole child, preparing students for successful transitions into their home schools.

1. Intensive tutoring interventions in math and literacy are individualized to student competency and include regular assessment and adaptation to maximize gains

2. Math and literacy content incorporated across instruction

3. Small cohorts of 4-6 students for high efficacy

4. Hands-on investigations build high student engagement in education

5. Social emotional learning based on the CASEL framework facilitates skill development in Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making

6. Residential learning environment accelerates skills development

7. Arts integration provides creative outlets for student expression and an engaging application of math and literacy skills

  • Innovative literacy, math and social emotional tutoring in a unique learning environment, provide accelerated learning and a platform for academic and social success for students who would otherwise fall into non-public placement.
  • Intensive small group and one-one learning small in a residential setting (Mon-Fri)
  • Personalized learning using MSDE curriculum with hands-on learning extensions.
  • Students remain in the program until they reach a proficiency where they are able to successfully return to the classroom.
  • Ongoing support provided to ensure a successful transition back into the traditional classroom setting.

A Day at NorthBay Academy

  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 8am Morning reflection
  • 9am Class time
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1pm Outdoor education
  • 2pm Class time
  • 3pm Physical Ed/ Enrichment
  • 4pm HW/Tutoring
  • 5pm Break
  • 6pm Dinner
  • 7pm NorthBay Live
  • 8pm Evening Activities
  • 9pm Tutoring Block (Reading/Journaling)
  • 10pm Lights Out

Support and Family Engagement

The NorthBay Academy creates a caring community of learning and leadership. This begins with the the highly trained NorthBay staff and extends from peer support to school and importantly family engagement. NorthBay engages with each family and home school staff so they can accompany students and help support them through the learning process.